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About us

KCC Power System AS was established in 2008 by Mons Horve and is privately owned. Combining years of experience from companies like JMC, Rolls Royce Marine, Oceaneering, Skretting and Enwa water Technology, our competent employees have a wide range of knowledge about the processes, equipment , rules and regulations which are relevant for the strategic customer and market segments we serve.

Our facilities are located on the beautiful island of Rennesøy, 30 km from Stavanger. Here we have a large, well equipped workshop, spacious offices with a magnificent view and large outdoor and indoor storage areas. We have the advantage of being situated close to the sea which facilitates transport of large items by boat or barge.

Our specialty is developing one-off units for solving specific problems where standard equipment is not available.
Our engineers have been involved in quite a few exiting projects over the years and are looking forward to solving more problems.

Our mechanics have all the necessary qualifications and certificates to perform modification- and maintenance jobs both on- and offshore.

In addition, we are the sole Norwegian supplier for Kamat pumps and can supply complete Norsok Z-015 pump units, spare parts and service.

Over the years we have acquired different equipment we would like to share with you.


At KCC Power System AS, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality is a natural part of our working operations in all aspects of our business.

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