KAMJET 27/2800

a completely new and ground-breaking concept in the ultra high-pressure world

High pressure plunger pump K 10016 A-3G with flanged-on Oil pump, stainless steel pumphead and conversion kit with Tungsten carbide plungers

Stepless pressure related rpm regulation and remote control for pressure ON-OFF and emergency stop.

Economical water cooled VOLVO diesel engine complies with the latest EU emissions standard Stage IV (EPA TIER 4f) and with integrated spark arrester, urea injection AD-BLUE, compressor for water tools, batteries and fuel tank.  Designed for permanent load, roughest conditions and extremely durable.

HP-Pump supply electric booster pump and water tank.

Innovative control system with a graphic color display. Easy and safe operation. Optional WiFi-module and optional remote diagnostics.

Targa system for crane transport. Designed with 2 hoods and large maintenance doors, solid and weight-optimized design. Storage space for hose, lance and connecting cable and optional compartment for more accessories.

Mounted on tandem axle trailer with tongue.

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Technical details

Flow rate: 27l/min

Pressure max: 2800 bar

Power inlet: 145kw (197hp)

Gear ratio: 4,13

Engine speed: 1960 rpm (max 2100 rpm)

Water tank: 105 l

Fuel tank: 200 l

Weight approx.: 2800 kg

Dimensions(L/W/H) .: approx. 4650 x 1980 x 2150 mm

Application KAMJET

• Concrete removal
• Paint removal
• Rust removal
• Stripping
• Graffiti removal
• Cutting of all kinds of materials