Pump accessories – high pressure valves, rotating nozzles, high pressure guns

KAMAT Hydraulic gun

High pressure guns

KAMAT offers a wide selection of high pressure guns with electrical or mechanical control for the precise direction of water jets in high pressure cleaning. >> more




KAMAT Surface Cleaner 3000 Air

Surface cleaners

High-performance surface cleaners for a variety of operating pressures up to 3000 bars, for removing of paint and rust from ships, decks, dry docks and other metal surfaces. Wide product range from manual to automatic cleaners. >> more



KAMAT-Hochdruckduese_160High pressure nozzles

The specially developed rotating nozzles allow precise and effective water jet control for the cleaning of large surfaces. Furthermore, customized special designs are also possible >>more 



KAMAT-Hochdruck-VentileHigh pressure valves

High performance high pressure valves are the basic requirement for the reliable continuous operation of plunger pumps. Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic control of the valves developed by KAMAT engineers, guarantee independence in automated or remote controlled processes. >> more


KAMAT-Hochdruck-Filter (1)High pressure filters

KAMAT also offers customized solutions in the field of filter technology. >> more






KAMAT-DrehdurchfuehrungRotating Joints

Rotating Joints from KAMAT cover all pressure levels up to 3,500 bars: driven by self or external energy, up to 3,000 rotations per minute.