Individually manufactured pump systems

We supply our customers with complete pump systems for special areas of operation. In our consultation and development we go far beyond high pressure plunger pumps. For our customers, we combine the pumps with various driving elements, power transmission components, PLC-controllers, measuring systems, data transfers, remote controls, pneumatic and electric valve controls, chassis and sound-proofing devices. Thereby advising our customers from the first project idea to the turnkey facility. High pressure cleaning with the environmentally friendly medium water, requires high-grade filters and recycling technology. Here too, KAMAT offers customised solutions: high pressure filters of up to 4,000 bar and water recycling systems for industrial cleaning technology. Naturally, we also can provide for the service of installation and commissioning on site, if requested.

Pump systems – practical examples

Classic fields of operation for KAMAT complete systems are in the areas of industrial cleaning and pressure testing, in mining, as well as in water hydraulics. KAMAT engineers develop customised solutions for special fluids or systems in complex areas of operation that need individual implementation. For example: explosion-proof systems for underground coal mining or for offshore technology. Control technology and project-related software solutions are also elements in the KAMAT complete package offer